You want to show your family the world. The world is a massive place with so much to explore. Remember that family vacation is about making memories and creating new experiences. Picking a location won’t be hard.

So, where to take them for vacation this year? We have the 5 best family vacation destinations that are hot for this year’s family getaway. Whether it’s due to an increase in flights to that city or because it may be an overlooked city – our top 5 destinations for family vacation are sure to excite everyone in the family, no matter their age! 

1. Costa Rica

Westin Golf Resort & Spa Costa Rica

If you’re looking for adventure, Costa Rica is the perfect place for your family vacation. This tropical paradise has a lot to offer. Submerse yourself in nature by scheduling a group hike through the forest. There are several tour excursions of their rainforests where you’ll learn about the island’s different plants and unique animals. 

Make sure to visit the Ricon de la Vieja National Park. Located on the Rincon de la Vieja volcano and one of several Costa Rica volcanoes. Depending on the tour you book, you may even be able to stop and enjoy one of their significant waterfalls – and swim in the refreshing water! 

Book your family’s stay at an all-inclusive family resort like The Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Playa Conchal. With all-inclusive property, they will have fun activities on-site as well as be able to assist in booking your daily excursions. 

2. Dubai

If you’re looking for a bit of grandeur during your family vacation, then Dubai is your travel destination. Over the years, tourism to this UAE city has grown. For an international trip, Dubai has modern Arabic architecture and rich history the family will appreciate. 

There are many sites to see that highlight the emirate culture. Start with booking your stay at one of their 5-star hotels. A family-friendly luxury hotel will provide a comfortable stay and have family-sized suites, a Kids’ Club for the little ones, and other amenities to make you feel well-taken care of on your vacation. 

Enjoy the many attractions in Dubai with the family. Visit their popular attractions like the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Also include the architectural wonder, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This beautiful mosque is one of the world’s largest and will leave you in awe. 

Make sure you don’t forget any other famous Dubai activity by booking a group package that includes a luxury hotel, seeing all the major sites, and family-friendly activities!  

3. Cuba

Street in Havana, Cuba

If you’re a family with teens, then Cuba may be a new and exciting adventure! Exposing children to a different culture can help them understand the world better. Plan a trip to Havana, Cuba, and appreciate the architecture while learning their culture.

This 500-year-old city is full of colorful and expressive Cuban art that you can enjoy for free. Walk through Havana’s downtown La Rampa. Grab a bite to eat at one of the private restaurants, admire the murals on their buildings, and shop at the local stands for art-inspired souvenirs. 

Booking your accommodations in Cuba is slightly different than staying in the states. Book at one of the “casa particulares.” These are like Airbnb properties. This accommodation type supports locals and gives you a safe, authentic visit to this beautiful country. 

4. Hawaii

Leave the passport at home and book a family vacation within the States. Hawaii is a great choice to enjoy exotic beaches and experience a different culture. 

You may think of Honolulu when looking to vacation in Hawaii. As Hawaii’s largest city, Honolulu is more touristy with more of a city vibe. When booking your trip, make sure to add a tour of Pearl Harbor. Learn about the 1941 attack and take in the sunken battleship’s monument with your family.

If the Honolulu city life is too fast-paced, try staying in Maui. You can add the Maui Ocean Center to the itinerary for the little ones to learn more about the island. The underwater tunnel will have the whole family in admiration of Hawaii’s aquatic life.  

5. New York

The last destination is one of the most famous cities in the world – New York City. The city that never sleeps has entertainment for everyone in the family. While Broadway shows may come to mind first when thinking of New York, there is much to explore within the five boroughs. 

This city is rich with black history, from the borough that birthed hip-hop to the Harlem Renaissance. You can show your family our proud history and enjoy the rich culture throughout the neighborhoods. 

Go to Harlem for a show at the Apollo Theater or visit their Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. Add the Richard Beavers Gallery to your list for more art and history. This space showcases contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists. 

The list of historical places to visit is endless in New York. Our NYC family trip includes historical sites to delicious restaurants, so you won’t have to worry about planning an itinerary. 

Don’t forget to plan your trips six to nine months in advance to make sure you take advantage of everything these fantastic cities have to offer! Stay connected to all things travel in our Lifestyle + Community group by joining here

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