First, what is a “Mommy & Me” trip? Mommy & Me trips are when you take your vacation, intending to bond with your child. Yes, you may see your child daily, but is it quality time?

Outside of your daily routine, taking a Mommy & Me trip would be a way to give the gift of adventure. As your kids get older, you want to cherish the time with them at every age.

There are many reasons to take a vacation, but here are reasons why you need a Mommy & Me trip.

Create Mommy & Me Adventures Together

On Mommy & Me trips, you can travel without inhibition. A vacation is always a great time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. A Mommy & Me trip can be the same. Take the time to enjoy activities together with your child. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous.

Your kids will love to see you let your hair down and act silly. Letting down your inhibitions and being fully present during your Mommy & Me trip will show your kids a new side they will always cherish.

Mommy & Me trips

It's the Time for You & Your Kids to Reset

A reset is necessary for everyone. The daily routines, keeping up with their schedules and yours, can be overwhelming. A vacation is a way to step away from your day-to-day life and see something new. Taking a Mommy & Me trip is a way to reset together and increase your happiness!

Show them the world and live in the moment. Growing together through exploring new destinations is a great way to reset from the mundane schedule.

Become a More Present Parent

From smartphones to video gaming systems, so many devices in our lives distract us. You may see your kids every evening after work, even technically have dinner together. But it is common for many families to be on their separate devices while in the same room.

A vacation is a perfect time to break away from it all. You’ll pick a destination with excursions you and your child will enjoy. Being present for these moments makes a Mommy & Me trip memorable and a trip you’ll look forward to taking again and again.

Show Your Kids the World

Mommy & Me trips at Eiffel Tower

A curated trip allows you to enjoy an exciting destination and experience all it offers without the stressful planning! Our Mommy & Me Paris Spring Break trips mean you’re traveling with other mothers. Enjoy your child’s company at a catered Parisian picnic at the Eiffel Tower. The itinerary is full of activities to see some of the best parts of Paris.

Make sure to add Mommy & Me trips to your calendar – no better time than the present to create memories to last a lifetime!

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