You may not have any trips planned for the year yet. But did you know there are four trips every mom needs? 

As a mom, it may feel like life is moving so fast and the daily tasks are too much. Taking a vacation from your normal routine to spend time with yourself and your loved ones is the perfect reset.

Why do moms need to vacation throughout the year? You wouldn’t want to work a full-time job without vacation days. Since being a mom is a full-time job, you deserve multiple vacations a year. 

Taking a break from your everyday life to enjoy a new & different experience is good for your soul.

1. Girls Trip

Being a mom is not your only identity. You’re also a great friend. A Girls’ trip is a great way to bond with your sister friends you don’t get to see often. Laugh out loud, eat great food, and stay up late. 

Girls Trip

Taking a trip with your girlfriends is about reconnecting with one another. It’s good to keep connections outside of romantic relationships and motherhood. 

This trip doesn’t have to be long either. There are many places to enjoy for a short 3-day weekend – the perfect amount of time to hang with your girls. Plan a weekend in the cabins at the lake or in the mountains.  Enjoy the views while hiking one of the many scenic trails.

You need to have fun and let your inner child loose.

2. Family Vacation

The memories created on family trips can last a lifetime. Being able to show your kids the world gives them a rich learning experience.

A family vacation is a perfect time to engage with your kids intentionally. Create unforgettable moments at resorts like the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. Or bond over learning about different cultures by visiting places like Costa Rica.

Plan to stay in the States and make the trip educational and eye-opening for the family. The bright lights of New York City will offer delicious restaurant choices and endless entertainment. Stay at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy all the sites of Brooklyn or venture further into Manhattan.

3. Solo Trip

Solo Momcation

Why do you need a solo getaway?
How do you expect to care for everyone else if you don’t care for yourself? A solo trip or a Momcation is an act of self-care. Take a few days or more to travel alone.

A solo trip means enjoying your days however you want, wherever you want. Places like Asheville, NC, offer southern hospitality with outdoor activities, walkable sites, and tasty dining options.

Or choose to explore the West Coast and stay in California. Drive the Big Sur coastline in California and take in the breathtaking views. Or check out Palm Springs to Venice Beach, a SoCal destination you shouldn’t skip.

You can experience self-discovery while in your own company. Visit Puerto Rico and enjoy tours of the inspiring architecture of Old San Juan. In a beautiful destination like Puerto Rico, you can create your fun by enjoying the culture, food, and entertainment.

4. Baecation

The last of the 4 Trips Every Mom Needs to take is the couple’s trip or “Baecation.” A Baecation, or couple’s trip, is time you spend away, one on one with your significant other. 

When you have children, this vacation is too often pushed aside, but it is one trip that you need to make an effort and take.

Places like Havana-Cuba, are perfect for couples. Visit during their dry season, November to April, and tour historical Havana. Stay at a locally owned casa particulares and walk the Havana streets enjoying the art.

Take a 7-day Mediterranean vacation to Greece and enjoy the Santorini sunsets. Or choose from any of the Greek Islands; there is no shortage of activities – spa or exploration.

A Baecation is an excellent time to focus on each other. The list of romantic destinations is endless. If you are looking for candle-lit dinners on the beach and dreamlike couples’ massages, stay at a resort in Turks & Caicos. A beach resort just off the sandy shores of this Caribbean Island will be the perfect way to rejuvenate with your partner.

Put Yourself First

Taking time to break from your day-to-day routine is a healthy way to care for yourself. From vacationing with your family, to a solo getaway, these are The 4 Trips Every Mom Needs to take. 

As a mom, you are constantly spending time pouring into others. Taking the time to travel is a perfect way to relax and connect with the one you love.

You’ll be applying a sense of balance to your life by taking these four trips each year. It’s time to travel and see the world! 

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