20 Amazing Facts about Dubai for Kids

Planning a visit to Dubai? You should! With the largest mall in the world, desert tours, and epic waterparks, a trip to Dubai will offer your kids memories that will last a lifetime. Here are 20 amazing adventures in Dubai that will get you excited about making travel plans. 1. Go Sand boarding in the […]

8 Ways To Reduce Travel Stress with Kids

Mocha Travel Mom and Girl

Are you looking to make not just amazing but epic memories on your next family vacation? Then Dubai is your place. Between the awe-inspiring architecture, diverse landscapes, and incredible cultural diversity, you’ll be taking a trip of a lifetime. Here are 9 reasons that Dubai should be your next vacation spot! 1. The Desert and […]

8 Reasons to make Dubai your next family vacation

Dubai Mocha Travel

Ah, the family vacation. A time of togetherness, a time of memories, a time of play … and, let’s be real, often a time of bickering. Stress naturally creeps in when we experience a new place or break out of our normal routine. Plus, with all the things on the to-do list before, during and […]

7 Valuable Life Skills Your Kids Will Learn Through Travel

Have you heard of that parenting book How to Raise an Adult? It’s both enlightening and a little bit alarming. On the one hand, it imparts a whole host of life skills your child should have acquired before leaving home; on the other, that sounds like a big ol’ to-do list to me! Our kiddos […]