Are you looking to make not just amazing but epic memories on your next family vacation? Then Dubai is your place. Between the awe-inspiring architecture, diverse landscapes, and incredible cultural diversity, you’ll be taking a trip of a lifetime.

Here are 9 reasons that Dubai should be your next vacation spot!

1. The Desert and Dubai’s History:

Dubai was a desert land. What you see now is the result of 40 odd years of development.

2. The Architectural Experience:

Dubai offers some of the most innovative building designs in the world. From the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, to Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world, and the Museum of Future, one of the most futuristic buildings this world has ever seen.

3. The Ultimate Beaches and Island Holidays:

Dubai offers some of the cleanest and safest beaches, great for all ages. Palm Jumeirah is an incredible man-made archipelago and offers luxury resorts. It’s an ideal location for a relaxing holiday!

4. The Gold:

Dubai is known for its gold. Get your camera ready and enter a Golden Souk to see some of the most incredible 24-carat pure gold accessories.

5. The Cultural Diversity:

85% of Dubai’s population are ex-pats, coming from every other country on the planet.

6. The Sunsets:

From the view of the tallest building in the world to the clean beaches and water tours, the sunsets alone are a reason to visit Dubai with the whole family.

7. The Night Tours:

Family of night owls? Don’t worry, you have things to do in Dubai after the sunsets. These after-dark tours consist of water shows, light shows, and Bollywood Parks make for a star-studded night!

8. The Food Capital of the World:

With the cultural diversity that Dubai offers, this is the place to experience every culture’s cuisine. If you’re visiting in February, the annual Food Festival will make you want to stay forever!

There’s no doubt that Dubai is a beautiful place, but it’s the diversity that really makes it stand out. Dubai is like nowhere else. From the buildings to the locals, this city is the family vacation that everyone dreams about.

After reading this, are you thinking about heading to Dubai? Let me know in the comments!

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