You may have booked your Mocha Travel Dubai Mocha Travel Winter Holiday Dubai trip or are still in the early stages of planning the Dubai family vacation. Taking the family to Dubai is a trip that will create lifetime memories. But what about bringing home more than just photos and memories? Get into some of the top Dubai souvenirs for kids and you!

Known as a shopper’s dream city, Dubai has unique gifts in world-class malls and fascinating souks. With so many options, there are souvenirs that you must grab for the kids to take home a piece of the UAE.

1. Sand Art from the Desert Safari

Sand Art found in Dubai Marketplace

Sand art is a simple souvenir that you can find in shops all over Dubai. There are the traditional camel designs, and different colored sand swirled in glass bottles. Plan to walk through the Souk Markets like Deira in Old Dubai.

Kids will love seeing how they make sand art. Some vendors make it in front of sand art in front of customers. It’s a small enough souvenir that can travel easily back home. They can place the sand art in their room and always have a piece of Dubai with them.

2. Chocolates from Mirzam

Top Dubai Souvenirs for Kids

Mirzam makes their chocolate on-site at their factory – from bean to bar. Using local ingredients like cardamon, coffee, and saffron, Mirzam is more than just a chocolate factory. You can shop around for chocolate candy bars and enjoy them with a cup of sea salt or cinnamon-flavored hot chocolate in the café.

Book a tour to see how they start with cocoa beans and turn them into delicious chocolate treats. Your kids will enjoy the experience and take home some of their artisan chocolate bars exclusive to Dubai. As an affordable souvenir, you may even stock up for gifts or for yourself to enjoy later!

3. Camel Milk Chocolate Bars from Al Nassma

Camel milk chocolate bars are a delightful souvenir that you can find at Al Nassma, a popular Dubai chocolate factory. Al Nassma uses a rare commodity – camel milk. Described as a salty sensation taste, the camel milk chocolate taste is the opposite of the sweet taste of cow’s milk chocolate.

While you can find Al Nassma chocolate at the Dubai duty-free gift shops and order a bar online, take advantage & experience it in person at their shop in the Gold Souk. These candy camels are gold-wrapped and delicious, which is why it’s one of the top Dubai souvenirs for kids. Purchase these gold-wrapped camel’s chocolate to bring back a piece of Dubai.  

4. Spice from Dubai Spice Souk

Planning to shop in Dubai, don’t skip the traditional markets. The Dubai Spice Souk is visually appealing with the many vibrant colors of the spices. The aromatic smells from the many perfumes will enhance your shopping experience. There are (mounds) of herbs and spices to sift through, which can be a teaching moment as your kids learn new spices.

Top Dubai Souvenirs for Kids

At traditional souks, you will see a lot of bargaining. Keep that in mind as you browse, and don’t let it overwhelm you. In addition to the Arabian spices, you will discover perfumes, teas, pashminas, and foods like dried fruits & nuts.

It can be a great cultural experience. A lot of times, scent can trigger memories. Find an aroma that your kids will love and take it home.

5. Camel Souvenirs from the Camel Company

Top Dubai Souvenirs for Kids

While the camel is not the official national animal for UAE, it is what many people think of when you mention Dubai. Grab a toy stuffed camel as something soft your child can cuddle with on the flight back.

A popular store to find tons of cute stuffed camels would be The Camel Company. Located in the Dubai Mall, this store has stuffed camels plus camel hats, magnets, and more. It’s the perfect place to take the little ones and have them browse around to find the ideal camel toy!

6. Sandboard from Above Sandboards

For the adrenaline junkie in the family, bring back an authentic sandboard from Above Sandboards as memorabilia from your time on the dunes. Located in downtown Dubai, these hand-crafted boards are made from high-quality composite materials. With most graphic designs done by Dubai artists, this souvenir is excellent for older kids and teens.

Top Dubai Souvenirs for Kids

Prices for boards range however, if your child did surf the sands on vacation, they will appreciate taking home such a unique souvenir. This is a perfect way to remember their time on the dunes and something they can keep for years.

Take Home a Piece of Dubai

Travel is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures, and a souvenir is a great way to remember. While sightseeing and shopping, your kids will take in a new culture. Being able to enjoy the different food and sites that are only found in the UAE is something they can carry with them for a lifetime.

Make sure to leave space in the suitcase for some of the top Dubai souvenirs for kids. Bring back a gift so their Dubai trip is never forgotten.

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