When people think of Dubai, the desert landscape and high-end skyscrapers may come to mind. Even with centuries of history and modernist architecture, some lies about Dubai may discourage tourists from visiting.

There has been an increase in trips to Dubai over the years, and we’re seeing more girls’ trips, family vacations, and solo travelers visiting this city. While you do need to be mindful of different customs when visiting the UAE, these are some lies you may have heard about Dubai that you shouldn’t believe.

1. It's Unsafe to Travel to Dubai

Is it safe in Dubai? Dubai is considered one of the safest destinations to visit in the UAE. The stricter laws result in violent crimes being relatively low. Tourists feel that Dubai is the safest compared to other regions.

In addition to being extremely safe, their public transit is one of the cleanest in the world. Dubai has state-of-the-art transportation. Whether you ride on the public taxi, bus, or the Dubai Tram, there is an efficient way to see the city. You don’t have to fear visiting the popular sites because their public transportation is clean and well patrolled.

2. There's Nothing More than Skyscrapers and Shopping

Lies About Traveling to Dubai

You can do much more than visit skyscrapers and shop in Dubai. While doing either of these activities can be fun, there’s so much culture and history to see in Dubai.

Starting with the Dubai Mall -but there is no other mall in the world that can compare. The Dubai Mall is over 5 million sq. ft. of space with 1,200+ stores to shop. But you can also take the family to the largest suspended aquarium tank in the world at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Or take the family ice skating – yes, there is an Olympic sized ice-skating rink within the Mall! You literally can spend a day or two enjoying all the things the Mall has to offer.

Lies About Traveling to Dubai

There are many other modern architectural places, like the Dubai Frame. At 492 ft. tall, this structure gives optimal views of Dubai of the past from one side and the other side view of present Dubai with its architectural wonders. Museum of the Future is a must-see with many futuristic exhibits to enjoy.

Appreciate nature and visit the wonderful Miracle Garden, the most extensive flower garden in the world, home to millions of different flowers arranged in breathtaking designs. You can explore the desert and surf the sand, ride ATVs, or enjoy one of the new pop-up cafes in the desert.

Lies About Traveling to Dubai

3. You Can’t Drink Alcohol in Dubai

Since Dubai is an Arab city with Muslim traditions, many people assume alcohol is illegal. While you cannot be publicly intoxicated or openly drink in the streets, alcoholic beverages are more than available. Many venues are licensed to serve alcohol so that you can enjoy it at restaurants and clubs.

You’ll also be able to consume at your hotel and resort. If traveling during Ramadan, there are allotted restaurants that will serve during the day. The entire country refrains from food and drink, only breaking this from dusk to dawn as their Muslim religious practice. You can still have an enjoyable visit. Just make sure to do your research so you can show respect to the culture.

4. Women Tourists Must Cover Up in Dubai

When traveling to a Middle Eastern country, the assumption is women must be fully covered up, tourists included. This is far from the truth, especially in Dubai.

Modest attire is highly encouraged, especially if you do not want to offend their culture. You can still pack clothes for those hot days. You don’t have to limit your wardrobe but be aware you are entering a different country with a different culture.

There is an exception – if you are planning to visit a mosque. You should dress modestly in loose-fitting attire, and women will be required to wear a headscarf.

5. Dubai's Weather is Unbearable

Listed as one of the world’s best places to visit by US Travel News, the hot weather in Dubai has not stopped tourism. A city built in the middle of a desert will reach temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. You can plan around their hottest months. The best time to visit Dubai is between November and February. You have the opportunity to enjoy more pleasant temperatures while on vacation.

Even if you visit during the hottest months, Dubai’s buildings are well air-conditioned. If you want to cool down, you can always visit Ski Dubai! Indoor skiing in the middle of the desert – only in Dubai!

A Good Place for Family Vacation

Don’t get swept up in the lies about traveling to Dubai. While you should always travel with caution, make sure to research the country and its laws so you can avoid any issues.

Dubai is a perfect destination for your next trip, and it is safe to bring the whole family. With endless entertainment, modern architecture, and luxury hotels – Dubai is a destination to add to your travel list.

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