5 Travel Must Haves on Amazon Prime Day

I wasn’t certain if I was going to shop on  Prime this week, but I decided to take a look at my cart and saved list to check for deals.

There were a few items that I really wanted.

Like this Universal Power Adapter.   It’s an all-in-one, so no matter which country I’m in, it will work and it’s only one piece.

I currently have about 5 adapters at home, but this one will allow me to get rid of the others. Happy to grab it on sale!

Other items that are worthy of my time sending you this early morning email, are the following:

This Portable Handheld Turbo Fan, let me tell you, is the TRUTH!

Before my trip to Egypt in June, knowing it would be super hot, I ordered and tested several fans and hated them all.

This one, unfortunately, didn’t arrive in time, but I’m so glad that I got it later.

It is powerful and portable (like me ha-ha), and I carry it in my Mocha Travel bag wherever I go this summer.

Next up is this 8-Compartment Pill Organizer.

I take daily supplements to stay healthy when I travel and use to carry them in their bottles. It took up so much space in my bag.

I searched high and low for something sleek and functional. I tested a few, and this one by far is my favorite. I can fill it up and travel for up to 2 weeks and have all my vitamins.

Last on my list this morning, is this Mini Air Purifier.

I purchased this after one of my guests brought it on our trip to Paris last year.

She was very mindful of not getting exposed to the VID and brought this with her to dinner each night and even to the Four Seasons for our high tea, and it was just so cute and it works!

It’s also great for those hotel stays when your allergies start to act up, or traveling in Europe where there’s smoke everywhere.

Last on my list is this stainless steel air tight insulated water bottle. There’s nothing too exciting to report about it, it just gets the job done. Water stays cool all day, it’s a large capacity, and the price is very reasonable. 

Well, that’s my must-have list for Prime Day.

Happy shopping and let me know if you like any of the items I mentioned or if you have a recommendation you want me to try.

Yours truly! 

Katrina M. 

Mocha Travel CEO

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