It is not uncommon to experience a little anxiety when getting ready to check-in at the airport. Even the most experienced travelers get a little nervous when navigating TSA. Long lines, large bags, early morning hours, and unexpected events that tend to happen, it’s a wonder why some of us still choose to travel.

But, airport maneuvering does not have to be stressful. A Stress-Free TSA experience is possible. There are many ways you can minimize your airport anxiety and it starts with planning and preparing before you go.

First and foremost, we always recommend that you arrive at the airport early with plenty of time for unexpected delays.

Get a good night’s rest, eat a balanced meal, and hydrate before you travel.

Here are more pointers to consider when getting ready for a Stress-Free TSA experience for your next big trip:

  • Arrive at the airport 4 hours when traveling internationally and 3 hours when traveling domestically.
  • Check-in online at home (24 hours in advance)
  • Review departure times a day before you leave
  • Download the airline app and opt-in to text alerts for each flight. Schedule changes or gate changes are sent via text. 
  • Weigh your checked bag before you arrive to avoid overweight bag fees.
  • Pack liquids into checked bags. Liquids over 3.4oz are still not allowed through TSA
  • Print tickets, travel documents, entry authorizations in addition to having a copy on your phone.
  • Bring original birth certificates for all minor children traveling out of the country. You may also need authorization from the second parent if the child is not with both parents. 
  • Consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck and CLEAR to get expedited service

To keep up to date with TSA and airport security procedures, visit the TSA website for more TSA Travel Tips.

We encourage you to look into the TSA screening process f to expedite the security screening process further.


Do you have more tips for navigating TSA at the airport?  Find these tips helpful? Please leave us a comment below, we enjoy connecting with our readers.

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