What you bring in your travel bag is essential when it’s time to hop on that flight. You need something to keep you cozy, something for entertainment, and of course, something to keep the kids under control.

With limited space, it’s important to narrow down what to pack. We’ve asked our Mocha Travel Community and received some pretty good items that, if they are not already in your bag, you’ll add them. Below we share our favorites and a few things we never knew we needed.

Start with Comfort

For those that enjoy a good nap during a flight, a sleep eye mask with headphones should make it in your bag. Find a sleep mask with Bluetooth connections made from a quality, soft material. Make sure to choose an eye mask with headphones with a battery life that lasts for those long flights.

What else can bring some comfort on longer flights? There are fuzzy compression socks that will help keep the blood circulating in the lower part of your legs as you sit for an extended time.

A neck pillow is another thing that’s making it into our travel bag. Add a travel scarf or blanket, and you’re ready to fly to your destination comfortably.

Bring the Entertainment

Traveling can be a long process so make sure to bring the right entertainment to keep you occupied during the flight. What made the top of our list is ear pods. And to make sure they are fully charged, remember to pack a portable charger or two.

Flights can be the perfect time to catch up on things you may not have time for in your day-to-day life. Bring that book you’ve wanted to start or download the audiobook version if that’s your preference.

Want something non-electric to do on your flight? The travel journal is a great way to pass the time by writing and documenting your journey during downtime on the plane. Try bringing a journal for the kids as an excellent way for them to write their thoughts on the family trip. Writing, drawing, or even coloring is a great way to pass the time.

What's in Your Kid's Travel Bag?

Travel bag

Your kids want to travel comfortably too. Snacks are top of the list of what to pack for the little ones. But what else are we packing for the kids?

Kids can toss on their headphones and turn to their tablets for entertainment all flight long. They will download a few movies or their favorite shows or games to keep them entertained. Handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo DS are a good way to stay busy. Besides electronics, bringing a portable toy or coloring books can make it into a travel bag.

Don't Forget to Stay Sanitized

Bringing a pack of sanitizer wipes will put your mind at ease. Traveling with little ones means you’ll have wipes and hand sanitizer. Put together a sanitizer kit that includes wipes, an extra mask, tissue, and hand sanitizer.

When you pack the right things in your travel bag, your flight will be more enjoyable. Whether it’s a short flight or taking a longer, international trip, make sure to include things that bring you comfort and keep you entertained.

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